Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesdays on the Homefront

So I know it's actually Thursday. Sorry for the quiet week! We've had family in town and been pretty busy enjoying time with them. Pictures coming soon!
Cooking: My mom came over yesterday and we bought cupcakes. One of them was a chocolate cinnamon cupcake that was delicious. I'm inspired to try adding a little cinnamon to my chocolate cupcakes next time!

Cleaning: Friends, my house is a disaster. I cannot seem to keep it clean for the life of me. Also, our carpet smells like mildew. Not sure what that's about. I was having a meltdown with Ben last night on the couch (don't you just love those?!) and I told him how I used to juggle so many things, but can't seem to keep my house in order now. Honestly, 15 grad credits plus an internship plus marriage- yet I can't seem to keep a clean home with a baby. This whole motherhood thing is proving to be more than I expected.

Creating: I've been making dresses and aprons for Ben's cousins this month... until my sewing machine broke last week. I'm so accident prone! But no worries- I'm on to greater things while I wait for it to be mended. I've decided it's time to make a list of projects I'd like to tackle and gifts I'd like to make. Stay tuned for the list in the next few weeks!

Loving: Sleep. I know, every new mom says that. But after a few weeks of Eli sleeping through the night, he chose to take the weekend family was in town to get up every three hours. He's back to his normal hours, plus he and I got a nap in today! It was delightful.

Living: My cousin has been in town this week! She and I haven't seen each other since my wedding and it has been too long. She stayed at our apartment this past weekend and we had a wonderful time reminiscing and catching up. I haven't stayed up that late since college!

Learning: My cousin and I had a lot of talks about family and personal growth. Then during my cry session last night, Ben and I talked about those issues in more detail. I am learning so much about myself right now. I realized I'm living in a dream world sometimes rather than in reality. I realized that I'm expecting perfection out of myself in every situation when that isn't possible. I also realized that relationships are hard work, and sometimes the best thing I can do is take a step back and wait for awhile.

That's all for today, friends! My little man got his 4 month shots today and he's a bit cranky. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Cinnamon Chocolate Cupcakes sound. . . interesting. I'll take your word for them being delicious though!