Monday, April 30, 2012

Dresses for Nursing Mamas

It never occurred to me during my pregnancy that I would need special clothes for nursing. Ben and I went on a date a couple weeks ago, and I realized that to nurse Eli in the dress I wore would mean taking off the entire dress. Not really something I imagine the Cheesecake Factory would have smiled upon. My nursing cover doesn't cover that much.

Between dates with my husband and a couple weddings to attend this summer, I realized I need one or two good dresses that I can nurse in. I found an article by Princess Lasertron with some cute ideas but the article was written over a year ago so the actual clothes featured are no longer available. (So bummed about the Angel in Blue dress! I really wanted it!) I did search specifically for nursing dresses and there are companies that make them. I cam across two problems though: 1) They all cost around $100 and 2) the majority of them were less than stylish.

I did a little research of my own on non-maternity websites and compiled some ideas. I've tried to keep the price to $50 or less. On the whole, the dresses are a little more casual, but I think a few could work for a more formal event.

  • The button-up front of the Marigold-en Girl Dress makes it a great option for easy access. Modcloth, $52.99
  • The All Floral Love Dress also features a button-up bodice and has a cinched waist to help that post-pregnancy figure. Modcloth, $49.99
  • The Burst of Light Dress has a wrap-style with pockets (such a great feature!) for a pacifier or a toy. Modcloth, $69.99 on sale for $48.99

  • The Closet Braid Dress dress looks really comfortable, and could easily be worn with a nursing camisole underneath. Add black accessories and heels for evening, or chunky jewelry and boots for day. Modcloth, $47.99 (also available in cherry)
  • The Leave the Light On dress looks perfect for summer picnics. The wider straps allow for a nursing camisole and/or bra underneath. Modcloth, $49.99
  • Although the Sea You Later dress has an under- and over-layer, it seems that it could be used for nursing due to the deep V in the front. The lacy over-layer makes it a classy option for a date or special occasion. Modcloth, $49.99

  • I am loving the maxi dress look right now, and this Cross-Front Maxi Dress is a great nursing option. Wide shoulders would cover straps and the knit v-neck makes for easy pull-down. Old Navy, $29.94
  • This slouchy blue Reporter Dress offers a figure flattering sash and cross-over bodice for easy nursing. Downeast Basics, $36.99 on sale for $26.99
  • Another great button-front option, the Ragtime Dress also boasts 3/4 sleeves for a warmer option. Downeast Basics, $34.99, also available in iron gray
Please comment with any great dresses you've found that can work for nursing!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bridal Shower Invitations

My sister-in-law is getting married this summer, and so my mother-in-law and I are throwing her a bridal shower next month. I haven't had a chance to host a shower before, and I am really excited about it! I started a Pinterest board with ideas and then took a trip to Hobby Lobby for the invites. Her colors are gray, yellow and black, so I had lots of fun coming up with a design! 

I designed the text in Photoshop and printed it on vellum, which I hot-glued to the invitation. All supplies are from Hobby Lobby.

I purchased a pack of paper flower embellishments, so I was able to make each invitation unique. I attached them to the invitations with brads.

I will be sure to take pictures of the shower and post all about it next month. Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Month Old

My little man is one month old today. I find it hard to believe March 26 was that long ago. In some ways it feels like Eli has been part of our lives forever. In other ways, like he has barely been here a day.

He has brought so much joy to our lives in such a short time. I love watching his personality develop-- his facial expressions, coos, cries and all the hilarious noises he makes.

It really is true when veteran moms say that the first month is the hardest. I have been exhausted and sleep deprived ever since Eli made his appearance. I haven't slept more than 3 hours in a row. Who knew I could function on so little sleep?! I don't know who keeps the secret, but nursing really does hurt, and so does healing from childbirth (although I figured as much).

In spite of all that, this really has been one of the most amazing months of my life. I love my Elijah John so much. Being his mama is amazing, and I can't wait for all the months yet to come.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Beginnings

As I sit here typing, my little man is snuggled up in my arms (who knew you could type while holding a baby?!). Over the last month, my whole life has changed. Before this sweet boy was born, I was working full time as a counselor and experiencing the many ups and downs of pregnancy. Now, I'm home full time learning how to care for a newborn and how to keep myself busy.

My husband thought it might be a good idea for me to try blogging as a creative outlet. So, this is my trial. I'm really excited about it! I am planning to write all about crafting, babies, marriage and being home. And my blog title? Some homemakers actually call themselves domestic engineers. In my case, my husband is a for-real engineer, so it seemed like a fun tongue-in-cheek idea for the blog.

Looking forward to creating and posting!