Friday, July 31, 2015

Double Trouble

Eli and Tessa recently realized that together than can cause more mayhem than alone.

Case in point: My computer doc will never have all the same apps in it again. I can't for the life of me figure out how to fix what they managed to delete in about 2 minutes. Every time I've used my computer today I realize I'm missing something new.

Oh, and might I add the pink onesie was Tessa's second of three outfits today. The first one was conquered by the sippy cup, and the second by carrots. We gratefully made it to bed in onesie #3.

The win goes to navy blue. Who thought light colors were a good idea?!

During nap time today, Eli graciously allowed Tessa to sleep for 20 minutes and then yelled "WAKE UP TESSA!" until she cried. Gratefully, she fell back asleep with me. Bonus: I finished my latest book (it was fantastic!). That ended an hour later, though, when Eli thundered into the living room from his notnap with a "Good morning, Mom! I'm done sleeping!"

Of course our only recourse was to play ball and take selfies.


As you can see, Tessa was not amused.

I also thought, in my sleep deprived state, that it would be a fabulous idea to teach Eli to take pictures from my phone.

Of the 20+ he took, I'd say this was his best work. Clearly he has great things in store.

Well I'm off to eat more M&M's before bed. Might as well have a little fun before tomorrow's crazy comes to town.