About Me

I've moved! You can find me at the Intentional Motherhood Project.

I'm Melanie- a counselor turned stay-at-home mama blogging about my life at home. I love Jesus and chocolate and coffee and cheesecake. I not-so-secretly want to live in Stars Hollow or become an a cappella singer on Pitch Perfect. Fall is my most wonderful time of the year, and home decorating is one of my passions. I love to quilt and read fiction and dream about Jane Austen novels.

Ben is the real engineer. He does all the projects around our house, spends his free time running or enjoying local beer, and loves his family so well. We got married in December of 2010.

E is six. He has enough energy for three of me, and talks non-stop from the moment he gets up until the time he goes to bed. He learned to read last fall and can frequently be found curled up with a book. He loves outer space, super heroes, baseball, and school.

Sweet T is four. She brings a quiet, imaginative joy to our family and keeps us all laughing. She's also very particular about all of life, preferring her own version of order in all things. She loves the color green, books, baking, and the PJ Masks.

Little t is our newest addition, born in 2017. Her smile is like sunshine, and she brings continual joy to our family. She loves to watch her siblings play and be held by mama.

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