Friday, March 20, 2015

You've got this, mama.

There is nothing like holding your baby as she sleeps or snuggling with your toddler during a movie. That warm little body cuddles up next to yours as you pull them closer and thank God for their precious selves. I always love watching my little ones as they sleep, tracing their noses and chins, listening to them breathe. Children look so innocent as they rest.

There is also nothing like holding your screaming baby trying to comfort them or hauling your toddler to his millionth time out for the day as he yells at you. It's in those moments that I want to scream to, or maybe just curl up in a ball and cry.

Motherhood is the most beautiful and exhausting job I have ever held. I had no idea my days would be so full of everything, yet so difficult to describe. I fall into bed each night exhausted even if we never left the house. Sometimes, I feel indescribably grateful for the gift of my children. Other times I want to loan them out and go on vacation.

But you know what? It's ok. It's ok to be so frustrated with your children that you don't want to see them for a few hours. It's ok to hide in the bathroom for another minute. Mamas, allow yourself the freedom to recognize how hard and how wonderful this season is. Eat that extra piece of chocolate, cry over those sleeping babies, and find a minute to share with your husband or best friend. More than anything, let yourself off the hook. This season of littles is as hard as it is great, and you will get through it. Mamas of older kids have promised me you and I will! So let's keep getting up in the night together. You've got this, mama.

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