Monday, September 17, 2018

Across the Country

We made it! Our family moved from Colorado to North Carolina over the last month. We left Colorado on August 26, and since then our lives have been in uproar. We purchased a home here, so gratefully we've been able to live in it since we arrived. But our furniture took a lot longer to get here, so it arrives tomorrow! It's been a full month of sleeping on a mattress and eating on the floor. Plus, we weathered Hurricane Florence and Eli started school. So all that to say, things around here have been eventful!

The biggest gift over the last month has been the time our little family has spent together. Without our Colorado friends or relatives near by, we've been together basically 24/7. While that's certainly made us all a little crazy, it has also been very special. We have made memories together and truly feel like a closer family as we embark on our life here in North Carolina.

On the fun side, we are loving our new home's huge yard, being in a smaller town, the beautiful green outdoors, and our new home. On the not so fun side, we miss our Colorado community and I still have no idea where most things are.

At the end of the day, we are still so grateful and so excited for this change. Good things are happening!

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