Monday, February 4, 2013

Beginning the Week

When I begin Eli's first Monday nap by cleaning up the front rooms of our apartment, I always feel better about life. It's funny how a quick vacuum, sweep, dust and a delicious Yankee Candle (a favorite at our house!) really make such a difference in my mood. Add that to some comfy yoga pants and it's going to be a good day! What do you do on Mondays to start your week off right?

We had a fun weekend with family and friends- did you all enjoy the Superbowl? I loved Beyonce and the commercials! I'm not really a football fan, but spending time with some good friends made it a great day. Our friends have a 3 and 5 year old, so Eli was absolutely delighted. He crawled around chasing after the two kids and they were sweet enough to play with him. I'm pretty sure he woke up with a play hangover this morning!

Also over the weekend, we took Eli's 10 month pictures. It's hard to believe how big that little guy is getting. This year has flown by. I'm beginning to plan his first birthday party and thinking back to all this year has held. Time has flown, and yet our life pre-baby seems like an eternity ago. I love that little guy and I'm so grateful he decided to come change our lives.

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