Friday, February 1, 2013

Organizing Your Fabric

Every January I find myself with an organizing bug. I suddenly cannot contain myself and feel the need to reorder our entire house. We're planning on moving sometime this year, so I particularly felt the need to go through and get rid of what we don't need this year. And the place to begin? My sewing bin! Last fall, I helped my mom (who is also moving) go through her sewing boxes, many of which were mine from childhood. There were hundreds of fabrics, lots of memories, and I only brought a few things home! I realized, as I tried to incorporate the "new" old fabric into my current collection, that it wasn't really fitting any more. So, time for some order!

Here's how things looked when I began:

I've found organizing fabric works best when types and colors are grouped together. I have mostly cotton for quilting, so my strategy was to group all non-cottons together, then sort the cotton by color.

I really made a point to get rid of small scraps and trimming pieces to a manageable size. I also folded everything. Most exciting moment? I found 2 almost pieced baby quilts in my bin! Who knew?! I know what I'll be working on this month! (Pictures coming soon I promise!)

Here's the finished bin:

Isn't that so much better?! Now I can easily sort through my fabric and find exactly what I need.

And of course, Eli helped!

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