Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to School... For the First Time!

Since becoming a stay-at-home mom, back to school has been a bit of an enigma. All those moms rushing around purchasing school supplies, wondering about lunches and homework and schedules seemed so foreign. My toddlers and I were blissfully unaware of this world of school.

And then we decided to put Eli in Pre-K. All of a sudden, I'm the one in the whirlwind, making the mad dash for school supplies, a new backpack (only Spiderman-- nothing else will do), and planning our schedule. A few of my friends are caught in this new world with me and we've all realized in the last couple weeks that our lives are about to change (not to sound dramatic or anything).  In a couple of weeks, I won't be doing morning playdates every day of the week, running of to the park with no worry about the time. Eli will be at Pre-K three afternoons a week, plus we do MOPS. Add in T-ball, Awana, and all that laundry and we're done.  You moms of older kids are probably laughing at me but this is a big deal for me!

So now I'm wondering, how do I do it all? How do I fit in time with my kids, friendships, and all that laundry? I'd like to be one of those cute bloggers with new back to school outfits and fabulous hair, but it's just pony tails and leggings over here.

Will you join me? Will you enter this crazy world of school and all that comes along with it? How do you cope with it all?

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  1. I remember being there Melanie, and it is so overwhelming! With every new milestone our kids hit, we moms adapt. This is just another small adaptation to your weekly routine and I know you'll make good use of those 2 hours in the afternoon. Shed a tear or two because your babies are growing up and make room for all the blissful artwork about to come your way! -Brooke