Saturday, August 27, 2016

The List Again (August)

Happy Saturday!

I always love weekend roundup posts like those from Modern Mrs Darcy and Becoming Minimalist, so here's a list from me.

1. I mentioned Liane Moriarty's new book Truly, Madly Guilty a few weeks ago in this post. It came off my library list a few days later and I read it in three days. Three days! I don't think Ben saw me without my face buried in my Kindle the whole time. I thought the story was intriguing and had a few good twists, but overall it wasn't my favorite LM book. (I love What Alice Forgot and The Last Anniversary.)

2. My amazing husband is building me hexagon shelves for the giant wall in our living room. I am ridiculously excited. Stay tuned for all the pictures.

3a.  \\\\  ][[[   nn (Tessa is sitting next to me coloring on my list pad and wanted to say hi.)

3b. Have you hopped on the ankle boots trend? I finally bought a pair and I'm in love! They are comfortable and go with everything I own. Ok, they don't match my yoga pants, but everything else! I bought this pair from Amazon and have been happy with them. They're fairly comfortable for the price and I sprayed them with suede spray so I can wear them all winter.

4. Can we have a moment of silence for caffeine? After being a parent for over 4 years, I've finally started drinking coffee every morning. WOW. I am alert and awake, ya'll, and it's magical. Why didn't I do this sooner?!!

5. The weather is starting to cool down here in Colorado and I am boarding the fall train. I'm ready for pumpkin and cinnamon and all the joy of the "ber" months. So even though it's only August, my cinnamon candle is out and I wore a sweater this week. Ok, I wore a sweater until it got hot at noon. But still, friends, this is a small victory.

6. Tessa has been vaguely interested in potty training lately, which means I'm jumping on that train with more enthusiasm than is probably warranted. We bought her Elmo and Minnie Mouse underwear about a month ago, and just let her wear them over her diaper. Her new thing this week is she blames the character on her underwear for her poop. She'll come find me, point to her underwear and say "Stinky poop Elmo! Elmo! Stinky!" It's hilarious. And I'm impressed by her early ability to try to get out of things.

What was something great about your week?

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