Monday, April 30, 2012

Dresses for Nursing Mamas

It never occurred to me during my pregnancy that I would need special clothes for nursing. Ben and I went on a date a couple weeks ago, and I realized that to nurse Eli in the dress I wore would mean taking off the entire dress. Not really something I imagine the Cheesecake Factory would have smiled upon. My nursing cover doesn't cover that much.

Between dates with my husband and a couple weddings to attend this summer, I realized I need one or two good dresses that I can nurse in. I found an article by Princess Lasertron with some cute ideas but the article was written over a year ago so the actual clothes featured are no longer available. (So bummed about the Angel in Blue dress! I really wanted it!) I did search specifically for nursing dresses and there are companies that make them. I cam across two problems though: 1) They all cost around $100 and 2) the majority of them were less than stylish.

I did a little research of my own on non-maternity websites and compiled some ideas. I've tried to keep the price to $50 or less. On the whole, the dresses are a little more casual, but I think a few could work for a more formal event.

  • The button-up front of the Marigold-en Girl Dress makes it a great option for easy access. Modcloth, $52.99
  • The All Floral Love Dress also features a button-up bodice and has a cinched waist to help that post-pregnancy figure. Modcloth, $49.99
  • The Burst of Light Dress has a wrap-style with pockets (such a great feature!) for a pacifier or a toy. Modcloth, $69.99 on sale for $48.99

  • The Closet Braid Dress dress looks really comfortable, and could easily be worn with a nursing camisole underneath. Add black accessories and heels for evening, or chunky jewelry and boots for day. Modcloth, $47.99 (also available in cherry)
  • The Leave the Light On dress looks perfect for summer picnics. The wider straps allow for a nursing camisole and/or bra underneath. Modcloth, $49.99
  • Although the Sea You Later dress has an under- and over-layer, it seems that it could be used for nursing due to the deep V in the front. The lacy over-layer makes it a classy option for a date or special occasion. Modcloth, $49.99

  • I am loving the maxi dress look right now, and this Cross-Front Maxi Dress is a great nursing option. Wide shoulders would cover straps and the knit v-neck makes for easy pull-down. Old Navy, $29.94
  • This slouchy blue Reporter Dress offers a figure flattering sash and cross-over bodice for easy nursing. Downeast Basics, $36.99 on sale for $26.99
  • Another great button-front option, the Ragtime Dress also boasts 3/4 sleeves for a warmer option. Downeast Basics, $34.99, also available in iron gray
Please comment with any great dresses you've found that can work for nursing!


  1. Wow! I need to keep these in mind for the next baby! I just stuck to skirts because dresses were so hard to find. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think you'll really enjoy this blog "Milk Friendly" about keeping your style while breastfeeding. The writer is beyond cute!

    These are awesome picks for "easy-access" dresses though! It's SO hard to dress when nursing!

  3. Hey Mel!! I just saw this post of yours today, and then later found this website and I had to share the link! They're stuff is more for every day, not very fancy, but wanted to post it. Love you!! and your blog is awesome!!

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