Monday, May 21, 2012

Hosting a Bridal Shower

As I posted a few weeks ago, my sister-in-law is getting married next month. My mother-in-law and I hosted her bridal shower on Saturday and had so much fun with it! I found Pinterest to be incredibly helpful for great ideas and resources. Here's a couple things I made for the shower:

Marriage Advice Cards
For a "game" I passed around these note cards and asked everyone to write down a piece of marriage advice for the bride. At protests from some single guests, I suggested relationship advice. Let's be honest, we all know enough about what not to do and what to do in a relationship to say something! We then went around the room and everyone shared their advice. It was so meaningful to hear what each woman had to say, and now the bride has a stack of cards to save and reference during her marriage.

Cheesecake Filled Strawberries
Friends, these were a huge hit! I took fresh strawberries, hollowed them out, and then piped in a mixture of cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla. I then dipped them in chocolate (you could also add graham cracker crumbs if you wished). My only advice would be to try making a cream cheese mixture more similar to cheesecake, or even buying a premade cheesecake filling and using that. You can find an actual recipe for them here.

Cucumber Sandwiches
Always a classy food, these look elegant served on beautiful plates and are delicious pared with tea. Real Simple has an easy recipe for these. The only changes I made were using wheat bread and dried dill.

What do you love to do and serve at a bridal shower?


  1. I love doing cucumber sandwiches, but you already know that since I did it at your baby shower:) I also like fruit pizza.

  2. Such a pretty bridal shower you hosted for your sister-in-law! These photos truly made me smile. My sister just loves such DIY parties. She is also tying wedding knot soon at some domestic NYC wedding venues and I just can’t wait to throw such a fun DIY shower.