Friday, May 25, 2012

Leaving a Legacy

Mom Heart Online has been featuring a series of posts on leaving a legacy over the past several weeks. Here's my thoughts on the topic for their Link Up.

This weekend, my grandparents are in town from Florida. My Grammy is one of the most wonderful women I have ever met and someone I hope to emulate. Her son, my dad, is an incredible man. Then there's me, and then Eli. That makes four generations, which is pretty amazing considering my Grammy is only 70.

I was talking with my aunt today about the legacy that has been passed down through my family. There have been generational strongholds and also some blessings passed down. There's also a whole lot of stubbornness. My aunt challenged me to take the good and leave the bad. Every family has their ups and downs, difficulties and heartbreaks, but something good can be learned and passed down to the next generation. I want to stand in the gap, blocking the generational sin and opening the door to generational blessing. As a mother, this is my battle to fight.

My aunt particularly challenged me about what I am speaking over my son. Are my words to him edifying and building him up, even at 8 weeks old? As she held him today, so spoke to his future; told him he would be a godly man who will live up to his name. She inspired me to begin passing on my godly heritage to him now. I can begin today-- it's not something I have to wait to do until he is older.

Tonight I sit here with tear stains on my face eating my non-dairy brownies right out of the pan and hoping that after a long day of fussiness Eli has gone to bed. (We discovered this week that Eli has a milk allergy and GER.) These days are hard. Really hard. I've been promised that it will get better, that I will sleep again. Yet even on these hard days I love my baby so much. I want to begin even today passing on a godly legacy to him.


  1. I am so excited for you! Just getting started with a newborn and wanting to work on the legacy you will leave behind is amazing! I wish I had started that long ago, 9 and 7 yrs is better late than never, but wish I had learned my lessons earlier. Praying you get the sleep you need and always are encouraged to look to the Father for strength and guidance in your legacy! (((hugs))) Stoppin by from the link up

  2. What a great legacy to have older people around you encouraging you in your family life. And how exciting to see a young mum thinking about long term family life - that is the beginning of you doing all that is in your heart. Continue to talk truth to your son, read the scriptures to him and talk of your love for your God.