Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesdays on the Homefront

Friends, it has been a whole week since I have posted. A whole week! Goodness, I need to get better about posting at least a couple times each week. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Cooking: Baby food anyone? We started Eli on baby food this past week, which has been so fun! He makes lots of crazy faces and spits out a great deal of it, but we're getting there. I got this awesome cookbook from my aunt called Sage Spoonfuls and I love it. The book divides the recipes into sections based on your baby's age, and reviews health issues, allergies and much more. I highly recommend it!

Cleaning: I'm really trying to get better about keeping on a cleaning routine. I have been fairly proud of myself for how much I'm able to get done during the day! I'm so grateful for nap time, even if Eli is still learning how to sleep for more than 30 minutes in a stretch.

Creating: Ben wrote on our to-do list whiteboard last night "finish baby bumpers" in big letters with underlining. Oops! I meant to have them done before Eli was born, and that obviously didn't happen! Now that he is sticking his legs out the crib slats, it's time to get those made. I'll be sure to post pictures when I'm done. I also painted wooden letters that spell out Elijah this week to hang about his crib. Once both the bumpers and letters are in place, the nursery will be almost complete!

Loving: Eli and I have been spending almost every afternoon at a park near our apartment. He loves to lay on the blanket and look up at the trees, and it gives me a chance to read. I haven't done a lot of pleasure reading in years, what with school and then the business of life and work. It's so nice to have a chance to read again! I'm currently reading a couple of books: the second Hunger Games book Catching Fire and The Night Circus. I'm working on creating a list of books to read. What are you reading and what books do you recommend?

Living: We went camping with our friends Joy and Jordan this weekend, and had a blast. I'm not much of an outdoorsy girl, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed camping. Maybe I'll be a true Colorado girl yet! Eli came with us and he did fantastic. He loves being outside and seemed to love hiking too. It was fairly chilly since we were in the mountains, so we had him all bundled up which was pretty much adorable.

Learning: Guys, parenting is tough. Seriously. As I type this, Eli and I are in the midst of a naptime battle. I put him down at 10:00am, and he slept for 20 minutes. It's now 11:20. He's still in bed, and has been crying ever since. I'll go in every 5 minutes or so and comfort him until he falls asleep. But as soon as he notices I'm gone (maybe 30 seconds?) he starts screaming again. Nap time has been so difficult for us! Here's to hoping he begins to learn how to sleep on his own. (Update: After finally deciding to rock him for awhile, he fell asleep! Hooray!)

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  1. How adorable is he?! I plan on making our son's baby food. I will have to pick up the book! Thanks for the recommendation!