Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY T-shirt to Baby Onesie

I love baby onesies. What I don't love are baby t-shirts. Really, who came up with the idea to put a little guy in a t-shirt that rides up every time they wiggle? Eli was given several t-shirts at baby showers, and they've just sat on the shelf because I don't like them. Now, though, I've found a way to turn t-shirts into onesies so he can wear them!

What you'll need:
  • One baby t-shirt
  • One onesie that's the same size (ie- both the t-shirt and the onesie in my pictures are 0-3 months)
Begin by cutting the onesie in half. I found the best place to cut is about an inch below the arm holes. This should leave you with two pieces: a little "mini shirt" and the bottom half. My friend Joy suggested using the top to make a baby dress- I think that might be another project on my list now!

Once you have your onesie cut, take the bottom half and lay it inside the t-shirt. You'll want to be sure it's placed low enough to snap the buttons, but not so low that the t-shirt looks funny. The goal is to be able to put pants on the little guy and have the t-shirt look like a real shirt. Does that make sense? :-)

Pin the onesie inside the t-shirt, and then take it to your sewing machine! Stitch a line across the t-shirt on both front and back, connecting the two pieces. You'll want to be sure you only sew the front of the t-shirt to the front of the onesie, and vice versa so that you don't sew the entire thing together. With my striped t-shirt, I sewed right along one of the stripes to conceal the stitching. (Also, because you're using knits, there is no need to finish the edges of the onesie. But, if you want, you can always serge or zigzag the top before putting the two pieces together.)

And there you have it! Easiest tutorial ever, right? Dress your little one up in some cute overalls or pants and you've got a great look!

Eli with his aunt and uncle rocking the t-shirt and overalls!

If you make this, I'd love to see your pictures! Please post links in the comments section so I can see your creation.


  1. Where was this tutorial when my 3 monkeys were little? Och but that's smart. No more pulling and tugging to sort out wadded clothes from scrunchy little cuties!


  2. Hi, I found you over at SITS. I am now a follower (fellow SAHM), and your family is so adorable. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. This would have been very useful to have in my saved files when I had my daughter!!!


    1. Thanks for following! Love your blog and I'm following back!

  3. Hi! I know this post is from a while ago but do you any pics of the inside? How do you sew in the onesie without getting a line across the front/ back? Do you leave the sides of the onesie not sewn in?

  4. Hi! Sorry it took me so long to respond! I did have a line across the front and back. Because the t-shirt I used was striped I just masked it by sewing along one of the stripes. If you don't want a line, I'd suggest connecting up by the shoulder seams. I hope that makes sense!