Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Four Months Old

Here we are at four months already! Time has really flown. The weather has been so beautiful that we did Eli's pictures outside this time. I really love how they came out!

This month Eli's personality has really begun to shine. Ben and I are having so much fun with him! He smiles, laughs and coos at us all the time.

He is even more curious this month, taking in the world around him. He particularly loves being outside and looking at trees.

Eli's had a lot of big accomplishments this month! He's rolled over both ways, laughed much more often, grabbed toys, and begun mimicking sounds we make.

Right now he's laying in his crib cooing and talking to himself. It's so cute! We stopped swaddling him last week now that he can roll over, and so it's been a challenge to keep him asleep when he has so much freedom. Sometimes when I go to get him up he's turned in the opposite direction than when we put him down.

I am still struggling with this transition, but I'm finding it is beginning to be easier. I realized this week that I cannot live in a hurry any more. Our days each have their own rhythm and I'm learning to go with the flow. Motherhood is such a huge change, but a good one. Here's to another great month!

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