Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Growing Pains

Today is day three of intense teething. I'm beginning to wonder if the little guy is every going to pop through Eli's gums. He's been fussy, clingy, exhausted, and even feverish at times. He's constantly chewing on something and loves his teething ring. The poor guy will smile at me and make sounds like "I love you but this really hurts, Mom."

I am exhausted. I saw every single hour on the clock last night, getting up and down with him. Ben has been working long hours the past couple weeks and today he's down in southern Colorado on a construction site. He may not be home until late tonight.

I have nothing left this morning. I barely got sleep last night. I took a 5 minute shower today but had to listen to Eli screaming the whole time. I'm not sure how to keep going, but yet I have to. These are the days when, quite honestly, I want to be back at work dealing with spreadsheets and students. Yet here I am, unexpectedly a mother. Can I be surprised by joy today? I hope to be. As Eli stares up at me adoringly, I know this will all be worth while. And maybe today we'll finally see that tooth.


  1. Poor little boy. I am right there with you. My son is 8 months and his first teeth just broke through...he got 4 at the same time. He did not have near the agonizing experience as your poor baby. I found that an ice cube helped what pain he did have.

    1. I can't imagine 4 coming in at the same time! Thanks for the ice cube idea, and for stopping by!