Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making the Most of my Mornings

Crystal over at Money Saving Mom started a new series called Make the Most of Your Mornings challenging moms to make their mornings count. I have been contemplating this issue over the past couple weeks, and I really want to establish a morning routine now that fall is almost here. Because of Eli's schedule, I haven't been beginning my day until 9 or even 10 most mornings. I find myself feeling off-balance and behind all day from sleeping so late. I am not a morning person by any stretch, but I would really like to be better about starting the day off right. I've also discovered that the best time for me to have a little me time is in the morning.

Crystal has been presenting different challenges to her readers each day, which I have really been trying to utilize. Here are my morning goals so far:

  1. Wake up every morning between 7:00am and 7:30am.
  2. Go to bed every evening at 10:30pm (11:00pm at the latest).
  3. Accomplish 5 things each evening to give my mornings a good start:
    1. Lay out clothes for the next day
    2. Pick up around the house for 5-10 minutes
    3. Clean the kitchen
    4. Make a list for the following day
    5. Get ready for bed (makeup off, wash face, etc)
I'm two days in, and I've gotten up at 7:30 both days! I'm still working on bedtime, but it's been 11:30pm, then 11:00pm, and tonight it will probably be 11:00pm again. Not too bad! I've gotten 1-3 things done on my evening list each night, so I feel fairly accomplished there. I'm hoping that I can get those things done most nights to give myself some morning peace. I am so excited about this challenge, and I hope to report good results!

Would you be willing to join me in making the most of your mornings? Be sure you head over to Money Saving Mom to join Crystal's challenge! And if you do, please comment and let me know! I'd love to check in with each other and keep one another accountable.

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  1. This is a great challenge, and good for you for doing it! It was the "laying out the clothes" part that got me walking regularly in the mornings. Small steps are the best way to take bigger ones, aren't they?